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Antiquariat Wenner was added in 1946 to the bookshop that was established by Heinrich Th. Wenner (1912 - 2008). Since 1951 Antiquariat Wenner is a via VDA affiliated Member of »International League of Antiquarian Booksellers« and is in business for over 70 years now. The company is owned by the family of the founder to the present day.
The history of the company is given in this book:
»Seit 50 Jahren H. Th. Wenner Buchhandlung Antiquariat Verlag Osnabrück«. 1989, 23 cm, 72 Seiten mit 47 teils ganzseitigen Abbildungen, Leineneinband
ISBN 3-87898-318-2
A digital version is here (german only)pdf_icon.gif PDF-files:
Johannisstr 70: 1939 - 1945
Weissenburgerstraße 2: 1945 - 1948
Grossestraße 69: seit 1948
Veranstaltungen und Begegnungen
Anmerkungen, Impressum

german only: Heger Straße 2 /3, the building that houses Antiquariat H. Th. Wenner

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Member of: Verband Deutscher Antiquare, HThW, International League of Antiquarian Booksellers